Welcome to SHELL SYSTEMS & SERVICES. Thanks for stopping by. We are one of Chennai's top computer service provider for more than a decade. The use of desktops has been in the decline constantly over the years. The age of mobiles has surpassed the way we use computers. Though itโ€™s pretty much handy to get the job done on mobile devices, it's not the solution always. Desktops and Laptops offer the comfort and stability when it comes to working. Both desktops and laptops require maintenance or troubleshooting at times when there is an issue. That is where we come in. Since our inception in 2000, we have serviced more than 5000 customers. With shell, you are in good company.

Why Shell Systems & Services? What makes us stand out from the rest is our on time service, honesty, competitive price. We are just 60 minutes away from your call. No matter the issue, our support engineers will get your workstation in tip top condition in no time.

General On Call services, Desktop, Laptop troubleshooting, Virus removal, Spyware, Malware protection, Internet Security, Annual Maintenance, OS installations are some of the most common services we are often called for.

The more you are connected to the online world, the more vulnerable your become. It's important to protect your computer and files against deadly viruses and programs spying on you. Call us today to keep your files system secure.

Competitive Price

We are known for our competitive pricing. Been in the industry for over a decade and have never failed to delight our customers when it comes to pricing. We offer a competitive pricing for new and old machines.

Decades of Experience

Decades of servicing, over 5000 customers is a big milestone for Shell Systems & Services. With less than a handful of service engineers, we have been able to achieve this big only though your support.

Skilled Engineers

We stay ahead of our competitors both in terms of pricing as well as knowledge. We are one of the few apple certified service engineers in town. We make your service calls a breeze as we are equipped with the latest tools and technology needed.

Professional Support

Professional back office support, ticketing, and call routing are our specialty. Every call is important to us. We take utmost care to service every individual customer professionally.

Our Team is requesting our precious clients to be safe and healthy and to be cautious - Requisition!!