Changing Properties of a PICTURE/PDF FILES in Mac OS

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October 31, 2017
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Hello All,

Its easy to change the date and time of the picture or portable document file in Mac OS.

Step 1:- Open Terminal
(from the  keyboard ) pressing command (key) along with space bar (key). and type Terminal and hit Enter.

Step 2:-

Example images shown below how to do.


Open Terminal and keep aside of the screen(left)side &

keep the File in another side of the screen(right)side.

Once done type the command in Terminal. 

setfile -d '11/19/2017 18:59:00'





  1. There is a space given after setfile 

    There is a space given after -d

  2. There is ‘ given before date and after the time seconds ends.
  3. There is space after the year   
  4. There should be a space after   apostrophe mark ‘    ends.


Step 3:- Once the command and the date and time ‘ ends give space and drag and drop the file which you like to change.

Step 4:- Error will raise up in the Terminal of the command line ) if XCODE is not installed!!

No Developer tools were found at ‘/Applications/’ , requesting to install.

Choose an optioning the dialog to download the command line developer tools.


Step 5: – Install to proceed!!

Step 6:- After installation done , Restart your Mac and follow the process again.

Step 7:- Once the command along with date and time ‘ ends give space and drag and drop the file which you like to change.

Example image shown below how it works.

Step 8:- The file which you were drag inside the Terminal its shows like this!!

Step 9:- Hit Enter from the keyboard.

Step 10:- Right click the file and click on Get Info. (The date and time is changed) WOW 🙂


Session Ends Enjoy 🙂





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