CHKDSK Error? While Working in WINDOWS Operating System!!

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October 23, 2017
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Its Easy to resolve your issue related to CHKDSK Error in Windows Operating System.


Step 1:- Go to your OS Drive (if you installed OS in Local Disk C)


Step 2:- Right Click and go to PROPERTIES.


Step 3 :-

Once you click on properties, you will see TOOLS tab and click on CHECK.


Once you click on CHECK, you will find this.


After the drive scan ends, if no error found give CLOSE.



Note: This Same step follows in Windows 7.

Continue the same till step 3 and then.. the look the image below like this.

Check  two boxes and give START, once done if you the image below in the next step.



Step 4:- Restart the Machine and you will see the CHKDSK will run in Black Screen like image down below.

If you have any bad sectors and index paging files in the particular drive it will show you and it will try to resolve.


Session Ends Enjoy 🙂






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