Technical Support- Windows & Macintosh

General On Call Services-Visit

General on call services including desktop / laptop (windows / mac) related complaints .

Memory module related issues

Memory module cleaning, No display issues, General Maintenance services.

Software Installation

OS Repair and Basic Application Support - Software license charges extra Always use Original and Genuine Software's.

Internet Security

Virus removal, Spyware, Malware removal, Internet Security for 1 Year (With license -1 PC)

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance + 1 year internet security starts (per pc )

Google Work Space

Google Workspace issue related to web mail configuration in G-Suite , Updating TXT ,DNS Updating, more

Remote Support / Assistance

Configuration ,Installation of Application based on request - Access via Remote Desktop / Open Source.

Networking / Wireless Activity

*Based on the examine the cost will be discussed.


Hosting (Alone)

From shared hosting services to VPS and Dedicated web servers, we provide fully managed web servers to suit your requirements.

Static Websites

Simple landing pages, App landing pages, Marketing pages, micro websites. (static websites with less than 5 pages)

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites with own admin control panel to maintain(word press) based websites. Unlimited pages, Professional responsive websites starts from

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