Vendor.dll is Missing? Windows 10 Operating System

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November 19, 2017
December 18, 2017

Dear All,

Its easy to resolve and fix Vendor.dll is missing while installing Graphics Card in your Machine.


Step1 :- Need to install Latest fresh Windows 10 Operating System Build Version 1709 .

You can download the Latest Windows 10 Operating system build version from the Microsoft site.


Step 2:- Select your Editions


Step 3:- Select your language next.


Once Language is selected and give confirm.

Step 4:- Download your ISO file 32 / 64 bit.


Step 5:- Once ISO file is downloaded , you need to install that ISO in USB Pen drive / Thumb drive to install the Windows 10 Operating System. For that you need to Download RUFUS software from Google.


Step 6 :- You need to Connect your USB Drive and Select the Source and Destination in that

Step 7 :- Once Downloaded you need to open that RUFUS.exe file and check of the options below.

Device Heading :- Select your USB Drive.

Partition Scheme Heading  :- MBR Partition Scheme for BIOS or UFEI

File Systems   :- FAT 32 / NTFS…

Depending upon the 32/64 BIT OS

Format Option :-

Step 8 :- Click on the mouse shown icon and select your ISO file of Windows 10 OS

Step 9 :- Select and click on Start

Step 10 :- Warning Message will appear before formatting , Give Yes to proceed.

Step 11 :- Once all the task is over you will see a message like this

Step 12 :- Give Close and Install the Latest Build Windows 10 Operating System.



Make sure you have experience in this

Boot Order Device Option to be change during installation of OS.



Session Ends Enjoy 🙂


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